Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am out in the apartment since Leify is taking a nap, and have no way of putting pictures on right now. So I am going to start with Thankful Thursday. I'll do an update later with pictures!

1. Hot Showers-basically they're the best end possible to a long day. Nothing quite beats letting hot water pour down you... getting rid of all the frustration from a day in the life of "Mom".

2. Makeup-From the time I was about 15 I have been completely fascinated with makeup. I used to go to the clinque counter about once every 2 weeks while in High School and have them do my makeup. They taught me lots of cool tricks and helpful tips.

3. The Internet-How else would I be able to keep in the know about my two absolutely darling new nieces?!?

4. Sister-In-Laws-I have the coolest, funnest, prettiest, and downright awesomeest (I don't know if any of those are actually words) sister-in-laws EVER. They have been great to me! Yvonne is someone who I truly enjoy talking to and has helped me through many a tough situation. She is so easy going and tells me like it is. I love her! Nicole, well I could reasonably understand if she hated my guts, I wasn't the nicest or most welcoming sister-in-law in the beginning. But she has become a great friend! She is honest, which is a trait I love. I know I can trust her with anything. Being pregnant together was really cool, I had someone to talk to about every little thing that happened and she knew exactly what I meant. Husbands have no idea. I am so thankful for both of these awesome Mama's and the examples that they have been and continue to be in my life.

5.The Sun-Ugh, need I say more? The past few days have been so nice! Leify and I have been talking walks, soaking up those rays, and enjoying every minute of it!

6. Eternal Marriage-My lesson last week was about the Blessings of the House of Israel. It really opened my eyes. I am so thankful to be a member of the LDS church and for the opportunity I have to spend FOREVER with Leif and our children. Nothing can touch that, nothing here in mortality could tempt me or persuade me to forsake it. I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me and blesses me constantly.

7. Chocolate Cake-Yum.


  1. I love your thankful Thursdays! It makes me think of things I'm grateful for. Thank you for everything you said about me and Yvonne. You are so sweet!

    I don't know how much longer we are going to be here, but you are ALWAYS welcome to come visit and I can take you to Yellowstone. Maybe when the hubby's go to Moab you can bring your mom and we can have a girly weekend. Just a thought. ;)

    I'm so gonna kick your hiney on the jet ski's... although, I've never been on one... so maybe not, haha!

    Can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. I think it is great you get along with your sisters-in-law. I wish I had more family close. Thankful Thursday is a great idea.

  3. Great list of "thankfuls!" I love them all! :) Its always so great to think of things we're thankful for; it really shows Heavenly Father's hand in our lives. And for the record, you're an AWESOME sis-in-law, too. Don't know how I'd survive without ya!!! :)