Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost Done

Here are some pictures of Soph's ALMOST done bedroom. Her bedroom transformation was less than $250. Pretty dang good considering it was white and totally lame before. I was hoping to have it done this week. But life is unpredictable with two little kiddos, and call me crazy but the zoo sounds wayyyyy better than painting molding this afternoon. Go figure. First, here is a pic of the kiddos. Their faces have been missing from the blog for awhile. Unfortunatley this is the best one I could get...

This is a pic from the doorway into her room. Where you see the stripes stop I am putting up 1 1/2 inch white molding. That is my plan for this next week, hopefully.
I scored all her bedding, bumper pad, and curtains at goodwill for $10. Pretty dang good considering those sets are around $200 new at Babies 'R Us. And yes, the molding around the floor is still natural wood. I need to paint that too. Gah.
The little chair came for Fred Meyer. It was regulary $100. I picked it up on clearance for $30. Suhweet. I bought the little ballerina pictures above the chair at a garage sale yesterday for $5.
Duvet cover was another Goodwill score for $14.99. The detail on it is amazing. The big pillows my Madre picked up at homegoods for $10. The modge podge'd mirrors are an ikea transformation. My sister Dana taught me that one ;) Can't beat $2.99.
I already told you about the little table and the letters. Pretty happy with how both of those turned out. The mobile was $15 at my favorite resale shop. The rug was a Target find. The storage baskets are from Storables.

The hutch was a craigslist score for $50. Ha! The crib was a garage sale for $20? I don't remember, my Mom bought that one.

The fairies are actually from my bedroom as a child, along with the music globe :) My mom also has the mobile that she made me when I was a baby that will be added above the changing pad.

A few finishing touches, and of course the molding both around the room where the stripes end, and around the floor and I will be done!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sophie Room Sneak Peek

I scored this nightstand on craigslist for $10; a can of spray paint, a new nob, and some scrapbook paper (modge podge) later it is a perfect fit for Soph's room.

I picked up the wood letters while at Craft Warehouse a few weekends ago. I decided to spray paint them the same color as the nightstand. Then I added the same scrapbook paper (modge podge) and a few embellishments. I have one more project still to do using the same paper.

Oh, and do you notice the stripes?? My AHHH-MAYY-ZINGG!!! hubby taped those and I painted them all around the room. You'll just have to wait to see how those turned out!

Stay tuned for the finished project. Probably by the end of the week.

Next Up: Leify's Room