Thursday, July 31, 2008

A New Look

I've been getting so many compliments on the new look of the blog that I have to say...It wasn't me!! My super talented sis-in-law Nicole dreamed this up for me, and I love it! Thanks so much! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008


Leify and I made a trip out to Utah to spend some time with Nicole and Aubriana. We had so much fun! Minus the burning hot weather. The kiddos played good together...some of the time ;)

Leify was determined to make Minnie (Tim and Nicole's miniature schnauzer) his new friend, she thought otherwise.

Nicole took some awesome pictures while we were there go check out her blog to see them;

Flying by yourself with a child is quite the feat; I think I could not work out for a month and I would be good. He did OK on the plane, I was extremely grateful that on the way back there were enough empty seats that I was able to bring is car seat on board. He didn't like being held by me the way there. He is too busy!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Happening's with the Hasselblads

Here are some pics

Here are some pics real quick I plan on taking a zillion pics this afternoon and will post them this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest. It seems like forever since Leify has been on here. He loves to chew on this red spoon...forget teething rings...give him the spoon and he's happy.

Love at first sight

I have been shopping around for a vacuum for quite a while now. Everywhere I go I scope the vacuum isle, and every Sunday I look through the ads for a deal. Yesterday I went to Costco with my mom and I was severely drooling over the Dyson Slim that was there. However, spending $400+ on a vacuum throws me back into reality REAL fast.
We had a few more errands to run and I needed to deposit Leif's check so we drove over to Fred Meyer. I of course had to do a drive by of the vacuum isle. AND OH MY! There waiting for me was my dream vacuum (the very same one at costco) That once upon a time was $499, had been marked down to $469 and THEN WAS AN EXTRA 50% OFF!! I walked out of Fred Meyer with a $499 product for $234. I must say I am pretty darn proud of myself and my ability for ONCE in my life to have patience and shop around.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I really need to get some pictures on here........but first....

1. Our house has finally begun!!! After a year of waiting; unintelligent people, threats, and finally downright nastiness Leif and I have worked out the mess the broker who originated our loan. (who quit because she had no idea what she was doing) Anyways, progress is being made and we couldn't be more excited or relieved. We are going to head out there tomorrow to see what things are looking like. Just the foundation has been poured, but I will definitely share some pics.

2. Airplanes I just booked a flight to Utah so I can see Nicole and Aubri while Tim is gone having a boys weekend in Moab. I am so excited! In the space of 1 hour and 55 minutes Leify and I will be in Utah soaking up some sun and having fun. How great is that!? Then 5 days after I get back from Utah both Leif's and I are headed to Colorado to see Malo Yvonne and their Girls. Hooray for quick and speedy travel.

3. Orajel The past few days have been nightmare-ish. Orajel and Tylenol have been my sanity savers. Leify has his two bottom teeth coming in at the SAME time and he is absolutely miserable. He didn't sleep at all (maybe 15 minutes) on Tuesday night and last night I had to take a 130am drive around the countryside to get him to sleep. Leify conked out soon as the truck started moving...but he slept for about 1 millisecond after the truck stopped. The screaming resumed. He finally fell asleep (in his car seat next to the bed)around 230am. Needless to say Leif and I look and feel like crap and can't wait until these teeth show up already.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. This Wonderful Country we live in!!- Last night we had an interesting mutual, and it was all about FREEDOM. The founding father's were truly inspired and because of them we are able to enjoy our ability to worship freely.

2. Health-We have been so blessed as a family in that we have been free from illness. While we have had our scares, I truly am grateful that we are healthy!

3. Scriptures-What a great gift these are! Our heavenly father loves us so much, and gives us sooo many tools to make it easier to live with him again.

4. Hugs-I love a good hug from Leif! It has been so nice having him work at home. I get unexpected hugs from him all day.

5.DSW-This store can make ANY bad day a good one! A new pair of shoes can make me happy no matter what the circumstance.

6. Cameras-I don't think this one needs explaining

7. Hair dye-I don't know how many colors my hair has been (it's is currently dark brown) but I love the ability to be a hair color chameleon.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sweet Sleeper

I just had to share this picture, Leify is such a cute little sleeper. He always wedges his little blanket in between is legs it cracks me up.

Battle Ground Lake

I think Leif and I quite possibly had the worst camping trip EVER. Seriously, it was HELL. First, I really wanted to go camping so I decided to book the only campsite available which was a walk-in. This is how the misery began....It was about a 600 yard walk from the truck to our campsite, ugh, UPHILL. So here I am sweating like a PIG with Leify on my back, pulling a cooler, and carrying the sleeping bags. Leif and I wanted to murder each other by the THIRD and last trip to the truck (needless to say) Once we got settled I received a phone call from my Dad that the Youth Conference dance that I was supposed to chaperon was actually that night instead of the we hurried back home changed our clothes and headed to Camas. We get there and I swear I am going to go deaf ( I knew I was getting old) and there are like a million chaperone's there SO WHY THE HECK DID WE NEED TO BE THERE?!? Anyways after that great side trip we head back to pick Leify up and get back to our campsite only to find out that we are LOCKED OUT!!...It is 11pm so it is reasonable..just not at that moment. I had to call 411 to get the campground number and give them some stupid line about our baby being sick so they would let us in and we could go to bed!!
Anyways I could go on and on about all the crazy things that happened, all in all it was a hideous trip. But I got some cute pictures.

Lewisville Park

Lewisville is one of our favorite places to go, especially on a warm evening. We hadn't tried out the hiking trails yet so we decided to give it a go. I can't get over how much Leify LOVES to be outside. He squeels and his entire face actually lights up. We stopped by the playground; pushed Leify in the swing, went on the merry-go-round and Leify even did a couple pull ups.