Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Battle Ground Lake

I think Leif and I quite possibly had the worst camping trip EVER. Seriously, it was HELL. First, I really wanted to go camping so I decided to book the only campsite available which was a walk-in. This is how the misery began....It was about a 600 yard walk from the truck to our campsite, ugh, UPHILL. So here I am sweating like a PIG with Leify on my back, pulling a cooler, and carrying the sleeping bags. Leif and I wanted to murder each other by the THIRD and last trip to the truck (needless to say) Once we got settled I received a phone call from my Dad that the Youth Conference dance that I was supposed to chaperon was actually that night instead of the we hurried back home changed our clothes and headed to Camas. We get there and I swear I am going to go deaf ( I knew I was getting old) and there are like a million chaperone's there SO WHY THE HECK DID WE NEED TO BE THERE?!? Anyways after that great side trip we head back to pick Leify up and get back to our campsite only to find out that we are LOCKED OUT!!...It is 11pm so it is reasonable..just not at that moment. I had to call 411 to get the campground number and give them some stupid line about our baby being sick so they would let us in and we could go to bed!!
Anyways I could go on and on about all the crazy things that happened, all in all it was a hideous trip. But I got some cute pictures.


  1. Wow! One nightmare after another! Kudos to you for trying to have a fun camping trip. I hate when something that is suppose to be fun completely back fires! Cute pictures!

  2. Geez, sorry you had such a rotten time! But you are right, at least you got some good pics! ;)