Saturday, July 16, 2011


We haven't really had any consistent "summer" weather around here. A good day here, followed by grey and rainy skies the next. Confusing for my little monkeys who just the day earlier were running in the sprinkler, and frustrating for Mom who wants to get these little tornadoes OUTSIDE!
Lately, we've enjoyed having Aubs, and Tiger around! We love them!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Toddler Logic

If you can't see my face...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Soren @ 6 Months

For some reason, this little monkey decided to start crawling at 5 and 1/2 months. Whew. Crazy kid; I guess he feels like he needs to keep up with the other two.
He is such a sweet baby boy, he is truly a gift. Very rarely is he fussy "just because." He makes the insanity of 3 kids so close together a bit more manageable with his easy going attitude. He is VERY interested in what Leify and Sophie are up to, and likes to try and follow them around, he also loves our dog, Jack.
When he was first born I thought he looked a lot like my brother, Pat. But, the older he gets the more he looks like his Daddy. Especially in the eyes. I am holding out for curly hair. Soph has a little curl in her hair, but nothing like what I envisioned after first seeing Leif's baby pictures.
The little man measured in the 50th% straight across.

Sophie @ 18 months

Ohhh Sophie Loafs...what a funny little lady she is. Soph is talking, well, attempting to talk, TONS. She babbles constantly, I am able to make out a lot of her words, but some still allude me. She puts a few words together, but mostly it is just one word demands...or she is being bossy. (Go figure) One of her newest words is "Mine", lovely.
She is Leify's little apprentice; partners in crime, once again, lovely. It is a nice change to see them interacting in forms other than screaming though, I must say. It didn't look too promising a few short months ago, I now know why Mom felt like a referee. "Leify, leave your sister alone. Sophie, stop screaming. Leify, stop that. Sophie, give that back..." Yep, life is fun.
Soph is also a SERIOUS Mama's girl. It only seems fair, since Leify is glued to Leif's hip.
She loves to play cars, and color. She is learning so much everyday, it really is amazing to watch.
She weighed in at the 15th%, and measured at the 50th% for her age.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny Day Pics

I took advantage of the sun a few weeks ago to take some pics of my sweet little kiddies. I had bought them coordinating outfits for my nephew's reception, but the flu struck our house, and the kids stayed home with Daddy, so here I was with cute clothes and no occasion....
So, we made our own! Seeing the sun around here basically is a special occasion! I am so sick of this stupid rain. Leif and I occasionally joke of moving to (insert tropical island) and growing pineapples, it sounds more and more inticing everyday. I need to be outside with these little monkeys! Talk about cabin fever!
It really is a good thing I only have 1 little girly pie. She is so fun to dress! Ha. I am in love with her little shoes. And I love putting the boys in cute little matching polos, too fun.

What did I do before I had these three? They are so fun, challenging, but fun. I love them for everything they are. I have no greater blessing than to be their Mother.

This picture makes me laugh everytime I see it. Oh, brotherly love.
Always on the move, he is way too busy for a camera happy Mama.
My darling little Sophy Loafs. She still thinks the camera is cool, she even says, "Cheeeez" when she smiles! She is hell on wheels, watch out boys, she will be able to take ya. No joke.

Surfside 2011

We went to the condo in April. It remains my favorite little getaway, it is so peaceful and quiet. I love to just sit back and enjoy my children, without the constant, I need to do this, that, and the other looming in the background. The weather was wonderful. We had fun playing in the sand, swimming, going for walks, and being lazy. We even headed down to the golf range where we watched Daddy be the fantastic player he is. The kids are becoming so much fun, I love the little friendship Leify and Sophie are developing, and seeing them begin to play together nicely for a change. We will be sad to miss out on going for a year while it's closed for renovations, but we are excited for all the upgrades, and seeing what the finished product looks like!

We've seen this guy before, in the same tree outside the condo, but the picture opportunity is too good to pass up. There are few things in nature as majestic as the Bald Eagle.

I wonder when Soph will figure out sand doesn't taste good, hmmm.
Whenever we head into Long Beach we drive the Coast, the kids love doing "cookies" in the sand, taking turns driving on Daddy's lap, and watching the "lotion" (ocean). The fire dept was out and about on Saturday morning. Pretty neat truck.

My little Soren, Pourin Punkin Pie. This baby is soooo sweet. But, he's a puker, hence the picture. I needed to chronicle this! Ha. Leify and Soph combined have nothing, NOTHING, on this little man. He spits up all the time. My family will confirm this fact. My poor little niece Camryn has gotten the worst of it...puke in her hair, glasses, you name it, he's done it. But, he's cute, so that makes up for it...kinda ;)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sophie's Big Girl Room

The day has come, Soph has a big girl room, to go along with that sassy big girl attitude she's been sporting lately.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Other Two

These two, boy, do they keep me busy. Who needs to go to the gym?!? I have a 3 and 1 year old, on top of the 4 month old! Luckily, for me, they're occasionally easily occupied. Love these two little kidlets! Everyday is filled with laughter, learning, and topped with a cherry of a frizzled, frumpy Mom. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. It is a privilege to be these kiddos Mom, and take a front seat to the wonder they are.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Soren @ 4 months

Can someone please tell me how in the world 4 months, I repeat 4 months, has gone by already?!? I adore this little boy, he has such a sweet, calm, sometimes mischievous personality.

Here are his 4 month stats: Length: 25 1/4 (75%) Weight: 14lbs 7oz (50%)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Everyone is asleep, and I am reveling in this rare time I can call my own. During the chaos I call my day, I tend to focus on the negative, whether than on what IS good, what is going right, and what I am happy about. I have three little beings that need me, constantly, endlessly...sometimes I am overwhelmed. I could not do this alone. That leads me to what IS good, what is going right, and what I am happy about.

Leif, I love this man. He is my best friend, my provider, my therapist, and the best Daddy I could ask for my kids. He makes an effort to make me laugh, everyday. He tries to dance with me in the kitchen. He listens to me whine...A LOT. He brings me home girl scout cookies. He tells me I'm beautiful. He loves me.

My Mama. How would I manage this without her? She helps me SO MUCH. She is always willing to help me, even if it means postponing something I am sure she would rather be doing. I can always count on her help.

My Dad. This guy. Man, he cracks me up. I enjoy the little snickers I can only share with him. He makes me happy, just to see his bald onion head. (Yes, Dad, I really did just type that)

My Sister, Tammy. Just recently we've made an effort to strengthen our relationship. It means a lot to me. I have missed her.


How did I get so lucky? This little man is the best baby ever. And, I really do mean EVER. He is so happy, and smiley, and laughy, and cute, and kissable, and a good sleeper, and, and and...I could go on forever. I really don't know what I would do if he wasn't exactly the way he is. I certainly wouldn't be typing this little diddy up. I'd be in the loony bin. Some days are so freaking HARD. Even when he is perfection is soft squishy skin. 3 kids 3 and under is not for the weak, let me tell you. If I get my teeth brushed, I feel I have accomplished something. I have abandoned all rules with this one. He sleeps with one hand rested on my boob at night, and sleeps whenever he wants during the day. And you know what? I'm loving it. Each morning I am greeted with a big, huge, gummy cheshire cat smile. It keeps me sane. It lets me know each morning what my purpose for the day is; to love my kids. If I get the dishes and the laundry done, well, that will just be an added bonus.


This little Lady, my, oh my. She is crazy! She will definitely be able to hold her own in between her two brothers. No problem. She is still in awe of her big brother, she MUST do everything he does. It is so funny to watch her weeble over to him, after him, with him, and unfortunately away from him...she is his shadow. She has started screaming, wow. Wow. She definitely lets me know if Leify has done something wrong, is about to do something wrong, or is even looking at her funny, haha. She has the system ALL figured out. She loves Soren, she loves to smother him with kisses, in between trying to push him off my lap. Geeze. Some of her words are, of course Mama and Dada, Ball, Jack, Uh Oh, All Done, Bye Bye, Grandpa (much to his pleasure), Drink, Baby, Thank You... I think there is more, but I am drawing a blank...
I love this lady, she is truly my little sunshine, she always has a smile and a kiss for me. I'm glad to have a little diva in the house, we've got to keep these boys in line ;)


This little man gets bigger and bigger each day. He is full of questions, has boundless energy, and has me asking, "Will he ever stop?!?" everyday. The things that come out of his mouth, my gosh, they seriously make me laugh...hysterically. The kid is 3 going on 30. Not kidding.
Some of his favorites lately are, "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" (so cute), anything Daddy, Leify adores his Daddy, every morning he comes into my room and asks me where he is, playing catch, tormenting his sister, playing Wii, and helping me in the kitchen. I love this little guy. Today while talking to my brother Pat on the phone, when asked what he did today he replied, "Oh, I was just playing catch, with my friend. My friend, Mom." The kid melts my heart. Love him.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Leif turns 30

Seems like the only time I am going to update this dang blog is on birthdays...Sheesh.
For Leif's big three-ooohhh, we headed up to Leavenworth Wa. I rented a condo, and invited Malo and Yvonne and their 3 kidlets to meet us there. Recipe for disaster...? Could have been :) 6 kids 3 and under...that's taking a pretty big risk, haha. But, we had a great time, and the kids couldn't have been better, they could have slept more, but isn't that always the case? It is so fun to watch cousins laugh and play!

Saturday we headed out and went sledding, it was a gorgeous, but chilly day. The kiddos had a blast on the sleds.

This is a random pic of Soren, he was bundled and asleep so he didn't have any pictures, but I couldn't leave the little turd out!! He is a sweet little baby, we ALL love him sooo much!


This picture cracks me up. Leify is in the middle, see his hat? Haha, Sophie look like a big marshmallow. Memories :)
I just love her!