Monday, May 9, 2011

Surfside 2011

We went to the condo in April. It remains my favorite little getaway, it is so peaceful and quiet. I love to just sit back and enjoy my children, without the constant, I need to do this, that, and the other looming in the background. The weather was wonderful. We had fun playing in the sand, swimming, going for walks, and being lazy. We even headed down to the golf range where we watched Daddy be the fantastic player he is. The kids are becoming so much fun, I love the little friendship Leify and Sophie are developing, and seeing them begin to play together nicely for a change. We will be sad to miss out on going for a year while it's closed for renovations, but we are excited for all the upgrades, and seeing what the finished product looks like!

We've seen this guy before, in the same tree outside the condo, but the picture opportunity is too good to pass up. There are few things in nature as majestic as the Bald Eagle.

I wonder when Soph will figure out sand doesn't taste good, hmmm.
Whenever we head into Long Beach we drive the Coast, the kids love doing "cookies" in the sand, taking turns driving on Daddy's lap, and watching the "lotion" (ocean). The fire dept was out and about on Saturday morning. Pretty neat truck.

My little Soren, Pourin Punkin Pie. This baby is soooo sweet. But, he's a puker, hence the picture. I needed to chronicle this! Ha. Leify and Soph combined have nothing, NOTHING, on this little man. He spits up all the time. My family will confirm this fact. My poor little niece Camryn has gotten the worst of it...puke in her hair, glasses, you name it, he's done it. But, he's cute, so that makes up for it...kinda ;)

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