Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Play Gym

Leify and I went shopping today (he is the best
shopping buddy ever!) and I found this great little
play gym. I've been looking for one for awhile now
and this one looked like too much fun to pass up :)
Leify loves it! He is so adorable; he was looking at
himself in the little mirror and making all kinds of
cute little noises. Too much fun!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

She's Here

I am waiting for pictures...but Aubriana is here!! 7 lbs 3 0z :) YAY!

One more picture...


A New Cousin is on the way!!

Nicole is in the hospital about to have Aubriana! We are so excited!! We get to leave on Friday to see both her and Aspen; Leify will get to meet cousins on both sides of the family this weekend.

I thought that since the picture we had of Leify last time was announcing his love for me I'd put one on here that had to do with Daddy ;) (Thanks Grandma Diane!)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I love this shirt

Leify is getting much more aware of his surroundings. He loves his swing; he'll just sit in it and look up above him at the animals on the mobile. He also has started responding to particular voices (he loves Grandma's voice!) I've gotten him to smile a few times; not just after passing gas either :)

He is gaining weight like crazy too! When we left the hospital he weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces...he lost quite a bit of weight due to my having a c-section and waiting for my milk to come in. But anyways I just weighed him this morning and he is only a few ounces shy of 10 pounds!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Little Clone

Pictures of Leify!

Here they are as I promised!


Last night we went to the premeire of Beowulf. We didn't have a baby sitter so we took Leify along. He was awesome! I felt bad though... every time there was a loud sudden noise his arms would fly up in his carseat :/ I am going to post pictures later today but the poor little guy is going bald. It's quite funny he's got a strip left on top like a mohawk and then there is still hair all along the bottom. Hehe.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thor is missing

Well I can't say my blog is complete until I've got a picture of Thor Baby on here. This is how he made the 6 hour trip to Harris Beach in the back of Leif's truck. What a wacko.
The video is of Thor just being the crazy man he is :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Craft Warehouse Extravaganza!!

Last night my mom and I hit up the craft warehouse because they were having the annual Christmas open house...anyways they were doing prize drawings every 15 mintues; there were about 200 numbers taped to there floor and if you were standing on the number that they called you got to go to "prize central" and pick out a prize. We were there about 1o minutes and I won!! I got a bag full of scrap booking/card making paper, ribbons, etc...Probably about $75 worth off stuff! Hooray!
Nicole I am sending you a bunch of it, its cute girly stuff ;)

Great Grandma's

Leify met his second great grandma today, but I forgot my camera so I only have evidence of one! :) This is my Dad's mom Bonnie Jones. She is the mother of 13 children and only stands about 4'10''. We were visiting here a while ago we were talking about how labor went for her...she had us all laughing when she said she barely got her shoes off in time!! My Dad said him and his siblings wouldn't even know she was pregnant until she would show up after being gone for a couple days with a baby. How funny is that...?!?
Today we went and visited with Vi Leif''s Mom's mom. She is an absolute delight of a little woman :) We actually had the privilege of living with her for a few months after we were married in her basement that we affectionately called "the cave"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shopping with Mom

Leify and I had our first outing to the craft store today and I am happy to announce that he is nothing like his predecessor (his father) in the situation. He was an absolute angel; didn't even make a peep the whole time! Anyways be watching the mail...the trip was to get the last of my supplies for his birth announcements; they will be mailed out by the end of the week (hopefully) ;) Here's a pic of the cutie pie; he has been especially's his happy little smirk after a long meal.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Special Day

Today was a special day for our little guy...His Dad gave him a beautiful blessing...all of my brothers and sisters came home for the event. This is a picture of my almost entire family; a few nephews are missing along with a brother-in-law. Leif's Dad was also able to make it but left before the picture taking. Family's are so amazing and I am so thankful for mine!!
My sister-in-law Nicole is due on the 24th...the crazy girl flew here even though her Dr called and chewed her out before doing so ;) Her and my brother are awesome and were so excited to have Leify and their little girl Aubriana so close in age. Leify's got new cousin's on both sides of the family! Aspen and Aubriana will be making play barbie's and giving his Dad a hard attack in the meantime. :) He twinges at the idea of him even wearing a soft green little outfit he says it's too girly ;) haha.