Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Little Jumping Machine

This video really just speaks for itself...the kid loves to jump :)

Leify's 1st Sitter Experience

Since my Mom is out of town I had to find someone else to watch Leify while I went to my class this morning. I asked a lady from our Ward at Church and it turned out great. She said Leify was an awesome little guy; didn't even let out a peep. I am so impressed! He is such a good baby, it almost makes me scared to ever have another one, lol. I can't have it this good twice.
We were pooped from our day today so when we got home Leify and I took a nap and Leif happened to catch a picture.

This picture of him in his hat is too cute not to post. I have no idea why and how his eyes turned out so blue, but my goodness they are gorgeous.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Leify has a big head

I am really starting to become horrible about having timely posts on here. Sorry guys!

We made a trip up to our property on Saturday it was a beautiful day...probably around 80 degrees, CRAZY. I was nervous that Leify was going to get sun burnt so I lathered him up real good in sunscreen and put a long sleeve shirt on him with just his diaper AND I thought that a hat would be a good idea...but as you can see his head has grown quite a bit since the last time he wore that hat and well, it just didn't fit!

I don't exactly know what this face his all about, but this picture kills me.

We are so excited about our house and the prospect of having our own place. It is slowly coming along, Leif and I are truly learning patience. Something both of us need...but don't necessarily want ;) The well is supposed to be hooked up by Wednesday and then hopefully after we pass the temporary power inspection they can pour the foundation...WAHOOO.

Leif is on the home stretch for the Spring Semester at WSU and looking forward to just taking 1-2 classes this summer. He can't wait to be done. I am so grateful to him...he works so hard, constantly. He always has something going on, sometimes I can be a little selfish and get mad because I NEVER see him it seems like, but I am truly grateful for all he does to ensure that our family is well provided for. He is an amazing husband, dad, and the best friend I could ever ask for. Good job Leif..we love you. MUAH.

I started my Trim and Tone class at Clark College. So far it has been really fun, when I get up off the mat I definitely can feel that I have been working my muscles. It is also nice to have something a little different to look forward to during the week. Sometimes I get a little stir crazy. When I was 15 I was determined to make my own $ so I got a job at Dairy Queen, after that I did a 4 year stint at OHSU..and so on. I have always worked and gone to school. I am not saying that I am not grateful for the amazing opportunity to stay at home with Leif and enjoy all of his milestones; it has just been a major transition for me.

On Saturday after we got home from the property we made a trip to Grandma Vi's. We have purchased 2 weeks of her condo time, so we went to finalize everything and sign the necessary papers. We are soo soo excited about it! The condo is in Ocean Park, it is very peaceful and we have an awesome time whenever we go out there. Bob and Vi bought the time before Leif was even born. He has many many many fun memories of going out there with his Grandparents, brothers, and cousin Peter. We look forward to having many great memories of our own in the future! We can also trade the time and go almost anywhere in the world. We probably won't be trading anywhere exotic for awhile, lol, but there are Resorts close like Sun river, Leavenworth...and Colorado ;) Well, Colorado isn't exactly close but we love to go out there and visit Malo and Yvonne ;)

Leify is a little chub chub he loves to eat, my goodness. He is such a sweet little baby, I can't go anywhere without people commenting on his ice blue eyes. He is such a cute guy. He is pretty serious; it seems like he thinks things out before he does them. Sometimes he is pretty goofy though, yesterday he would not hold still for anything...he just thought he was the funniest little thing! I almost needed to take a nap after church. I am working on having him sit up on his own. He can usually sit unassisted for about um, 2 seconds...it is a work in progress ;)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's been awhile

So much has happened since I posted last...geeze! We have been busy busy busy. Things are starting to progress on the house which is extremely exciting I sometimes feel like I will never have my own house! So I feel very grateful whenever something (even if it is small) happens! :)

We went to Denver for an extended weekend to be part of Aspen's sealing to her parents (Leif's brother Malo and wife Yvonne) they are now an eternal family! We felt so blessed to be there and experience the love that filled the room.

We decided to fly out of Seattle because it was less expensive so we drove up Thursday night and stayed at my sister Dana's home, we were bummed that we got there so late and weren't able to to visit longer with the kids and let Leify show off for them!! But we were grateful that they let us stay anyways :) We unfortunatley forget the BRAND NEW can of formula that we had packed for the trip and ended up having to ask complete strangers at the airport for some formula so we could feed our baby. Yikes...It has a verrryyyyy good thing that Dana called me to tell me that I had forgotten it, our we (and everyone else on the plane) would have had a miserable trip.

For some reason I was being a ding dong and hardly took any pictures at all. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me sometimes. Ugh.

We also got to see Tim, Nicole, and Aubriana while we were in Colorado Leif and Aubri had a good visit. I could hardly believe how much she has grown, she is as tall as Leif and is a buff little girl she was determined to show off for Leify and show him how well she can stand up. He kept trying to roll over her head...she didn't quite know what to think about that. I think Leify was fed up being body slammed and having his eyes poked by Aspen and was happy to finally meet someone his own size!

I tried to sign up for swimming lessons but they are already full and I am going to have to wait until summer now :( I am pretty bummed out about that. I was really starting to look forward to it. But I get to start my "trim and tone" class out Clark next week so I guess I can't be too grumpy.

It was snowing here in Battle Ground on Thursday before we left...the weather is so weird here sometimes.

Oh and I got Aubri's quilt done but I forgot to take a picture of the finished product sooo Nicole will have to post a picture and you'll have check out here blog to take a peek at it ;)