Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's been awhile

So much has happened since I posted last...geeze! We have been busy busy busy. Things are starting to progress on the house which is extremely exciting I sometimes feel like I will never have my own house! So I feel very grateful whenever something (even if it is small) happens! :)

We went to Denver for an extended weekend to be part of Aspen's sealing to her parents (Leif's brother Malo and wife Yvonne) they are now an eternal family! We felt so blessed to be there and experience the love that filled the room.

We decided to fly out of Seattle because it was less expensive so we drove up Thursday night and stayed at my sister Dana's home, we were bummed that we got there so late and weren't able to to visit longer with the kids and let Leify show off for them!! But we were grateful that they let us stay anyways :) We unfortunatley forget the BRAND NEW can of formula that we had packed for the trip and ended up having to ask complete strangers at the airport for some formula so we could feed our baby. Yikes...It has a verrryyyyy good thing that Dana called me to tell me that I had forgotten it, our we (and everyone else on the plane) would have had a miserable trip.

For some reason I was being a ding dong and hardly took any pictures at all. I don't know what the heck is wrong with me sometimes. Ugh.

We also got to see Tim, Nicole, and Aubriana while we were in Colorado Leif and Aubri had a good visit. I could hardly believe how much she has grown, she is as tall as Leif and is a buff little girl she was determined to show off for Leify and show him how well she can stand up. He kept trying to roll over her head...she didn't quite know what to think about that. I think Leify was fed up being body slammed and having his eyes poked by Aspen and was happy to finally meet someone his own size!

I tried to sign up for swimming lessons but they are already full and I am going to have to wait until summer now :( I am pretty bummed out about that. I was really starting to look forward to it. But I get to start my "trim and tone" class out Clark next week so I guess I can't be too grumpy.

It was snowing here in Battle Ground on Thursday before we left...the weather is so weird here sometimes.

Oh and I got Aubri's quilt done but I forgot to take a picture of the finished product sooo Nicole will have to post a picture and you'll have check out here blog to take a peek at it ;)


  1. Thats such a bummer you can't do the swimming class! I'll definitely post the blanket on my blog in the morn. I absolutely love it! She plays with the fring when I put her on her belly. Its so cute. I'm watching for flights cause I want to come hang out with Aubri. I'll keep you posted. Love blogging! :) Have you downloaded blurb yet?

  2. It was so great to have you here! Thanks again for coming! Can you email me that picture of Leify and Aspen. I somehow didn't get any pics of the two of them this time...probably cuz whenever she was around him, she was a bit rough....sorry about that! :(