Monday, May 21, 2012

Soren @ 1 and a half years

Soren is clearly too little to ask about his favorites, so I'll just fill you in. He has had a rough few months, but seems to finally be coming out of his misery, and is starting to enjoy life a little more. Since February the little guy had 6 different ear infections, an allergic reaction to penicillin, and teething, all wrapped into a nice little bow. It hasn't been fun...for any of us. About two weeks ago, he had a little surgery done to have ear ventilation tubes put in. So far everything has been peachy, it is so hard to see your kids in pain.

He is picking up new words like crazy, and is so frustrated that he can't communicate better, which leads to tantrums. Oh, the joys. He has one word in particular that gets used in abundance, "Nandy"...rhymes with Candy. The kid is a sugar feign! It's hard to tell what Soren is particularly attached to toy wise because he always wants to be doing what Leif and Sophi are doing. But, he does like to play with trains.  Outside, he loves playing in his "cozy coupe" or jumping on the trampoline with Sophi.
Soren loves shoes, he always is bring his shoes to me wanting to put them on.
It makes me sad to see him growing so fast, but it is also exciting to be opening a new chapter of our lives. We are out of the baby stages, and going and doing things is getting easier all the time.

Sophi @ 2 and a half years

This little lady is a spit fire. Phew. She is a dare devil to the max, loves her brothers to pieces, and is seriously the sweetest thing ever. Until she's not. Haha. Isn't that the way it goes?


    "There was a little girl,
       Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
        When she was good,
    She was very good indeed,
 But when she was bad she was horrid."

That's my Soph, she even has the curl. Haha. She is still Leif's apprentice, weilding the trade of toddler destruction. But, now that Leif goes to Preschool 3x a week, her and Soren are as thick as thieves.

We love our Loafs! She is very smart, she knows all her colors, and talks incredibly well. Everyone thinks she is older than she really is because of her vocabulary.

What is your favorite toy: "Cake" (Strawberry Shortcake)
What is your favorite movie: Tangeled and "Cake"
What is your favorite snack: Berries, and sauce, like peanut butter.
What is your favorite thing to wear: Tangeled Dress, and pink (everrrrrrrything MUST be pink), and exercise shorts.
What is your favorite color: Pink
What is your favorite thing to do outside: Jump
Where is your favorite place to go: Shopping (YES!)
What is your favorite drink: Milk
What is your favorite thing to have in bed: Baby
What is your favorite song: "Sunshine" (You are my sunshine, which makes my happy, because it was my favorite, and my Mama sang it to me serveral times a night, just like I do with Soph)
Who is your best friend: Tiger, Leif, Soren, and "pink girl". (Not really sure about that one, haha)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Leif @ 4 and a half years

Oh the Leify Cakey, this little man is getting to be pretty funny. He has very strong opinions, and is such a good big brother. Sometimes almost too good...if that's possible, he makes sure everyone at the playground minds their p's and q's around his little brother and sister. He has been SUPER into transformers, loves to take pictures...not kidding...hundreds...he gets a few good ones here and there. He is a fun little guy who adores his Daddy, and can be so sweet. He is starting to learn sight words, and will point them out when were are around town, and  he also knows all of his colors in Spanish!

Here is a little peek into the Leifsters little mind;

What is your favorite color: Blue, Azul

What is your favorite thing to do outside: Jump on the trampoline

What is your favorite toy: Bumblebee

What is your favorite fruit: Grapes

What is your favorite tv show: Transformers

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch: Noodles

What is your favorite outfit: Lightening McQueen shirt

What is your favorite game: Hide'n'go seek

What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast: Sausage

What is your favorite snack: Quesadillas

What is your favorite animal: Cheetah

What is your favorite song: Transformers

What is your favorite book: Berenstain Bears

What is your favorite drink: Apple juice and Chocolate milk

What is your favorite cereal: Apple Jacks

What is your favorite place to go: Soccer Place (Indoor Soccer)

What is your favorite holiday: Mothers Day (woohoo, little man did awesome! He was so proud of the gift he made me, totally even hid it under his bed until the big day and everything, love)

What do you like to have in bed with you: Transformers (noticing a theme yet?)

What do you want to be when you grow up: A construction worker

Who is your best friend: Aubri, Eli, Sophi, and Soren