Wednesday, July 8, 2009


If you know me, you know I love Craigslist. So, it was a given that I would find this video hilarious.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Can't get enough

Here is a tribute to the Leify Cakes. The super sweet little boy... who in between giving me hugs and attempting to break my nose with the TV remote(100% fact), melts my heart.

He's a cute one. He's a naughty one. And I love him...bruised, sore nose and everything.

Some more mutants.

Another Moth showed up. Leif put our son at risk so you could fully appreciate just how large these things are.

We saw this porcupine awhile ago. I've never seen one this large. It was waddling up our road, Leif has seen it again since around the same spot. Maybe it's a Mama and has a nest. Or maybe I am just surrounded by unnaturally large beasts.

Various Lake outings.

Have I told you we live 5 minutes from 4 different boat launches/day parks? Yep. It's pretty darn cool.
We love going out while the weather is nice, and sometimes when it's just so-so. On a Tuesday evening we can pretty much have the Yale Reservoir to ourselves at Saddle Dam. Definitely a plus for living out in the middle of nowhere. Here are some recent pictures of our adventures. The two extra little girl's are Aspen and Mia. Leif's brother Malo and his wife Yvonne's kiddos.

Killer view of St. Helens from Yale, at Saddle Dam. See anybody else??
Creek leading into Merwin, at Speelyai
Lily bringing in a "stick".

But really it was a small tree.

Leif took this picture of Mia, how cute is that smile?!

Leify and Aspen, always up to something.

A Baby Girl

Her name will be:

Anna Sophia Hasselblad

We chose this name out of a catalog of Leif's family genealogy. Anna Sophia Hasselblad was Christened: 02 JUN 1795 Jakob Och Johannes, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden.

It is important to us to have names that honor Leif's heritage, but also are somewhat relevant in the current generation. As soon as I saw Anna Sophia I knew that was the one.

We plan on calling her Sophie.