Monday, September 21, 2009


Here are some funny things Leify has been saying and doing latley.

*When he eats something he likes he says, "Mmm, Licious."

*He calls himself "Fifi", he can say Leif plain as day, but Leify is "Fifi".

*I do flash cards with him everyday, one of the objects is a piano, he calles it a "PE NE NANO"

*Every night we have the same routine before bed, he gets his blanket sits next to me on the couch for about 5 minutes and then Leif picks him up and takes him upstairs, the whole way up he is screaming, "Mama cuggle, Mama cuggle...."

*He asks Leif, "What's up Dada?"

*To our horror he has finally picked up on "No", the other night we were eating dinner and I asked him if it was yummy. He looked me straight in the face, shook his head and said "No", and then continued eating. It was pretty funny.

*He asks me all the time, "Mama, what do'ning?"