Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Various Lake outings.

Have I told you we live 5 minutes from 4 different boat launches/day parks? Yep. It's pretty darn cool.
We love going out while the weather is nice, and sometimes when it's just so-so. On a Tuesday evening we can pretty much have the Yale Reservoir to ourselves at Saddle Dam. Definitely a plus for living out in the middle of nowhere. Here are some recent pictures of our adventures. The two extra little girl's are Aspen and Mia. Leif's brother Malo and his wife Yvonne's kiddos.

Killer view of St. Helens from Yale, at Saddle Dam. See anybody else??
Creek leading into Merwin, at Speelyai
Lily bringing in a "stick".

But really it was a small tree.

Leif took this picture of Mia, how cute is that smile?!

Leify and Aspen, always up to something.


  1. Hi Lurlyn! It's Missy.

    I've really missed keeping up with you guys and clearly I've missed a whole lot with your new Sophie. She is so yummy! I'm back to blogging so I should stay in better touch with you and Leif now. I'm glad life is going well for the 4-H Club!

    Take care! Love Missy