Monday, May 21, 2012

Soren @ 1 and a half years

Soren is clearly too little to ask about his favorites, so I'll just fill you in. He has had a rough few months, but seems to finally be coming out of his misery, and is starting to enjoy life a little more. Since February the little guy had 6 different ear infections, an allergic reaction to penicillin, and teething, all wrapped into a nice little bow. It hasn't been fun...for any of us. About two weeks ago, he had a little surgery done to have ear ventilation tubes put in. So far everything has been peachy, it is so hard to see your kids in pain.

He is picking up new words like crazy, and is so frustrated that he can't communicate better, which leads to tantrums. Oh, the joys. He has one word in particular that gets used in abundance, "Nandy"...rhymes with Candy. The kid is a sugar feign! It's hard to tell what Soren is particularly attached to toy wise because he always wants to be doing what Leif and Sophi are doing. But, he does like to play with trains.  Outside, he loves playing in his "cozy coupe" or jumping on the trampoline with Sophi.
Soren loves shoes, he always is bring his shoes to me wanting to put them on.
It makes me sad to see him growing so fast, but it is also exciting to be opening a new chapter of our lives. We are out of the baby stages, and going and doing things is getting easier all the time.

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  1. WHAT?!!! I'm so excited that you are updating your blog! I LOVE Soren! So glad he is doing better with his ears. Him and Timmy have so much in common! I can't wait until they get a little bit older and most likely will become inseparable. ;)