Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Leify's 1st Sitter Experience

Since my Mom is out of town I had to find someone else to watch Leify while I went to my class this morning. I asked a lady from our Ward at Church and it turned out great. She said Leify was an awesome little guy; didn't even let out a peep. I am so impressed! He is such a good baby, it almost makes me scared to ever have another one, lol. I can't have it this good twice.
We were pooped from our day today so when we got home Leify and I took a nap and Leif happened to catch a picture.

This picture of him in his hat is too cute not to post. I have no idea why and how his eyes turned out so blue, but my goodness they are gorgeous.


  1. Good job being good for a sitter, Leify! :) He is such an easy going little one.

    Cute picture of the two of you snoozing! :)

    And Leify has the same color eyes as Malo...I bet that's where they're from! :)

  2. Thats awesome that you found someone to watch him while you went to class. Makes it easy when he is a good baby! Did you get your hair done new? It looks super cute in the picture.