Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sophie @ 18 months

Ohhh Sophie Loafs...what a funny little lady she is. Soph is talking, well, attempting to talk, TONS. She babbles constantly, I am able to make out a lot of her words, but some still allude me. She puts a few words together, but mostly it is just one word demands...or she is being bossy. (Go figure) One of her newest words is "Mine", lovely.
She is Leify's little apprentice; partners in crime, once again, lovely. It is a nice change to see them interacting in forms other than screaming though, I must say. It didn't look too promising a few short months ago, I now know why Mom felt like a referee. "Leify, leave your sister alone. Sophie, stop screaming. Leify, stop that. Sophie, give that back..." Yep, life is fun.
Soph is also a SERIOUS Mama's girl. It only seems fair, since Leify is glued to Leif's hip.
She loves to play cars, and color. She is learning so much everyday, it really is amazing to watch.
She weighed in at the 15th%, and measured at the 50th% for her age.


  1. Love this pic of Sophers. She's a mamas girl but she also loves her mama cole! ;) haha! No surprise that she is at the 15th percentile... she weighs about the same as Tiger.

  2. Cute smile, little girl! :)