Monday, January 10, 2011

Leif turns 30

Seems like the only time I am going to update this dang blog is on birthdays...Sheesh.
For Leif's big three-ooohhh, we headed up to Leavenworth Wa. I rented a condo, and invited Malo and Yvonne and their 3 kidlets to meet us there. Recipe for disaster...? Could have been :) 6 kids 3 and under...that's taking a pretty big risk, haha. But, we had a great time, and the kids couldn't have been better, they could have slept more, but isn't that always the case? It is so fun to watch cousins laugh and play!

Saturday we headed out and went sledding, it was a gorgeous, but chilly day. The kiddos had a blast on the sleds.

This is a random pic of Soren, he was bundled and asleep so he didn't have any pictures, but I couldn't leave the little turd out!! He is a sweet little baby, we ALL love him sooo much!


This picture cracks me up. Leify is in the middle, see his hat? Haha, Sophie look like a big marshmallow. Memories :)
I just love her!


  1. Wow! Soren has changed a ton already. He looks more and more like his big brother! Sophie is as adorable as ever! Love that last picture of her. Looks like a ton of fun... trying to keep Leif young I see. ;) 30... thats a big one. LOL!

  2. p.s. thanks for the update, I miss the cute faces... even if it is on birthdays... but lets not wait till the next one. That would be torture! ;0)

  3. Happy birthday to leif! thanks again for inviting us and i'm glad all the little kids did so well together! :)