Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. This Wonderful Country we live in!!- Last night we had an interesting mutual, and it was all about FREEDOM. The founding father's were truly inspired and because of them we are able to enjoy our ability to worship freely.

2. Health-We have been so blessed as a family in that we have been free from illness. While we have had our scares, I truly am grateful that we are healthy!

3. Scriptures-What a great gift these are! Our heavenly father loves us so much, and gives us sooo many tools to make it easier to live with him again.

4. Hugs-I love a good hug from Leif! It has been so nice having him work at home. I get unexpected hugs from him all day.

5.DSW-This store can make ANY bad day a good one! A new pair of shoes can make me happy no matter what the circumstance.

6. Cameras-I don't think this one needs explaining

7. Hair dye-I don't know how many colors my hair has been (it's is currently dark brown) but I love the ability to be a hair color chameleon.

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