Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I really need to get some pictures on here........but first....

1. Our house has finally begun!!! After a year of waiting; unintelligent people, threats, and finally downright nastiness Leif and I have worked out the mess the broker who originated our loan. (who quit because she had no idea what she was doing) Anyways, progress is being made and we couldn't be more excited or relieved. We are going to head out there tomorrow to see what things are looking like. Just the foundation has been poured, but I will definitely share some pics.

2. Airplanes I just booked a flight to Utah so I can see Nicole and Aubri while Tim is gone having a boys weekend in Moab. I am so excited! In the space of 1 hour and 55 minutes Leify and I will be in Utah soaking up some sun and having fun. How great is that!? Then 5 days after I get back from Utah both Leif's and I are headed to Colorado to see Malo Yvonne and their Girls. Hooray for quick and speedy travel.

3. Orajel The past few days have been nightmare-ish. Orajel and Tylenol have been my sanity savers. Leify has his two bottom teeth coming in at the SAME time and he is absolutely miserable. He didn't sleep at all (maybe 15 minutes) on Tuesday night and last night I had to take a 130am drive around the countryside to get him to sleep. Leify conked out soon as the truck started moving...but he slept for about 1 millisecond after the truck stopped. The screaming resumed. He finally fell asleep (in his car seat next to the bed)around 230am. Needless to say Leif and I look and feel like crap and can't wait until these teeth show up already.


  1. Poor Leify! That sucks that they are both coming in at once. Yikes! I'm so excited for you and Leify to come out here! I can't wait! I hope things continue to go good with your house from here on out.

  2. Poor little guy. Teething sucks. Aspen got 3 teeth in at once (they all poked through in one night) and she was the crankiest child I've ever seen. I feel so bad for teething babies...

    Have fun in Utah! Tell Nicole and Aubri hi for us! :) And then we are SO excited for you guys to come out here!!! :) Hopefully Aspen doesn't poke Leify's eyes this time...I think she's getting her fix of that with Mia! Yikes...