Monday, July 28, 2008


Leify and I made a trip out to Utah to spend some time with Nicole and Aubriana. We had so much fun! Minus the burning hot weather. The kiddos played good together...some of the time ;)

Leify was determined to make Minnie (Tim and Nicole's miniature schnauzer) his new friend, she thought otherwise.

Nicole took some awesome pictures while we were there go check out her blog to see them;

Flying by yourself with a child is quite the feat; I think I could not work out for a month and I would be good. He did OK on the plane, I was extremely grateful that on the way back there were enough empty seats that I was able to bring is car seat on board. He didn't like being held by me the way there. He is too busy!!


  1. I love that pic of Leify! Were you able to get on the better link to the photobucket so you could save the full size?... if not, I gotta email them to you, its just not the same when their small.

    I was going to try and remember to send the floaty with Pat, but I forgot :(. I'll definitely bring it to Montana though, don't you worry!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great time! I am sure flying by yourself is not fun with a little one. I will probably be flying out to WA with two babies by myself here soon to see my grandma. Not looking forward to that!

  3. Cute pictures! I know...Utah's hot weather sucks! I don't miss that at all. Lil Leify is getting so big! He is so cute!

  4. Hey I love the new layout. Very cute! I can never resist polka dots. Have fun in Colorado. You two are just living the jet set life!