Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My latest project

Dana brought a father's day album kit with her to the beach. A lady she buys stamps from was selling them. But now Dana is selling stamps herself, yay! So if anyone wants stamps she's the lady to go to (you like that little commercial) Anyways, I wasn't too crazy about the colors and decided that I was going to make my own. I made up 6 more albums and am taking them to mutual tonight for a Laurel class activity..they're going to use the stuff from the lady that I wasn't too crazy about. Problem solved! ;) I made this for Leif for Father's day.


  1. Oh man, so super cute! Just as cool as the photo explosion box! So glad that Dana is selling stamps now. I need to do something for Tim. Yikes!

  2. That is super cute! you're pretty stinking creative. I should do something like that for Malo, but...yeah....its not happening this year!!