Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Find

In an ever effort to save money I found this awesome website called restaurant.com. They sells you $25 value gift certificates for $10, $50 value for $20...and so forth all the way up to $100 value for $40. What you do is put in your zip code and then it brings up several restaurants that are in your area. There aren't large name places like Red Robin or Olive Garden... it is mostly small places that are locally owned. Isn't that cool!?!?
I found the website on another site called mormonchic.com under the "deal diva chic" tab. This sites has lots of good sites to visit, and other info.
Just thought I would share my exciting and money saving news!


  1. Wow lurlyn it's good to see you are doing so well! I had no idea that you got married!! It's been forever since I've seen you, or anyone in your family. Your son is just adorable!!!

  2. Thats awesome Lur! There are non in my area, of course, but I'm book marking it anyway cause you never know where we'll be next.