Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 Years ago

Leif and I were married two years ago today!! Crazy. It has gone by so fast, sometimes it freaks me out, I am a little phobic about getting old. The other day I went to a resale shop called Plato's closet and they turned me and all my clothes away saying they were "too mature". I felt like crying, ugh, I am getting old. Later I convinced myself that they turned me away because my clothes weren't hoochie mama night club scandalous enough, and that made me feel a little better.

We are going to the condo on Thursday night to celebrate, Leify is having his first overnighter with Grandma. We had planned on going to Mt.Hood (I had the room booked and everything) and then I found out that the Summer Adventure Park isn't open until the end of the month. Poor planning on my part. At least I thought to look it up before we left though! Luckily we had some banked time and were able to get a night at the condo. Which is even better because it's free!

Leify is absolutley everywhere!! I am going to have to start vaccuming everyday it seems, now that he is on the move. Lily sheds sooo much!!!

It's hard to say that I have a favorite wedding photo, the guy that did our wedding and engagement photos was amazing. He took over 500 pictures and there are so many good ones...so this is just one of my favs :)


  1. Happy Anniversary. I hope you guys have fun at the condo.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! 2 YEARS! It seems like to me that you guys have been married more then that. But then again, I'M OLD! HAHA! Anyway, I hope you guys have fun at the condo. Our Anniversary is on Monday and we are going to drive over to Idaho Falls this weekend, leave the babe with my mom and stay at this place called the Destination Inn on Friday! They have themed rooms and i got the Paris one.

    I forget how close our anniversaries are. Don't worry about getting old, you'll never look it and the years will keep going faster and faster, trust me ;) Have fun at the condo!

  3. Happy late anniversary! I totally know what you mean about getting old. David and I will be married 4 years this year! 4 years! Scarey! Time really goes by so fast. Enjoy every minute!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! :) And you are no where near old yet! Malo will be THIRTY in September...and then I follow right behind him...thirty...thirty...thirty.... YUCK!!!! But Happy Anniversary! Have fun at the beach. (and you did have an amazing photographer...!)