Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Beach

For Leif and I's anniversary we made the trip to the condo to celebrate on Thursday night. It was comical because while we were gone the weather back in Battle Ground was 75 degrees and sunny. We had rain, wind and more rain. We traveled down to Seaside hoping that the weather would be a little warmer. It was, but Leif still had to buy a coat. In my delusional thoughts and ideas I packed him a T-shirt and shorts...he was freezing his tush off. We had a great time, it is so weird to be without Leify.
Here is a picture of the Astoria bridge on the way to Ocean Park that night.


  1. I love your picture of the bridge. You caught it just right with the sun going down. Thats funny having to buy Leif a coat in JUNE! Crazy! I definitely agree with you on it being weird without the babe. I felt like I had anxiety most of the time.

  2. Great picture of the bridge!