Friday, May 2, 2008

What a Week

Well the most exciting news is that we passed our electrical inspection; the county set our transformer, and our builder is coming out on Monday to do a site inspection so they can start building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of Leif, I would have thrown in the towel ages ago but he has had an insane amount of patience and seen it through. We are looking so forward to being able to move into our own house this summer!
Sunday afternoon I made the trip up to Dana's house because, well I am a ding dong and never really looked at the itinerary that Nicole sent me. I had it in my head that she was flying in at 7am....when in actuality it was 2pm. Slight difference....
Leify ended up getting really sick while we were at Dana's I woke up with him at around 130ish and could feel that he was pretty warm. He wasn't really crying just being fidgety and whimpering. So me being the inexperienced new mom woke poor Dana up because I didn't know what the heck to do. She gave him some Motrin and that seemed to help a little bit and he would sleep in little 15 minute cycles. Morning came and he was still warm and generally not feeling good he wanted to be close and cuggled, I took him upstairs to Dana's room and he puked ALL OVER her bed. Yikes...I felt so horrible. He was so upset, I had never heard him cry like that. Dana called her friend who let us borrow a thermometer and he ended up having a temp of 102.7. I called my Dr. but she is a super earth muffin and told me to just let the fever run its course. I opted for the Tylenol route and both Leify and I were both MUCH MORE comfortable with that. The poor little guy made the trip home in one of Camryn's pink t-shirts. But I gotta say he was a trooper. He hardly cried at all, but you could definitely tell he was out of sorts and not feeling well. I was so glad to have Dana's help and support! She was awesome about the whole situation! ( Even when Leify puked all over her bed) :)
I ended up getting sick too and didn't get to do a lot of the things I wish we could have done while Nicole and Aubriana were here. I didn't even get to hold the little cutie the whole time because I was so worried about her getting sick too. We did go and get the kiddos pictures taken together though, but even those didn't turn out as good as they could have. The lady was in a massive hurry and they could have been WAYY cuter.
Dana had a fun craft for us though and that was a lot of fun to put together. I would put a picture up but it is a gift for someone in the near future and I don't want to spoil the surprise ;)
Leify is sitting up like a pro now and he is starting to get his feet under him more now when he is on his stomach so crawling is starting to look a little more realistic in the future.
It was so fun to see Aubri and Leif together and see what a difference their is in the sexes even in infancy!! She was blah blah blah all the time!! While Leify is quiet as a mouse. She would squeal whenever he got near her, you could definitely tell that they are going to have a ton of fun together. On top of all the sickness Leify dealt with he had a Dr.'s apt Wednesday and she decided it would be OK to go ahead and give him his immunizations. So now he's got two big knots in his legs. :( Poor baby.
That is pretty much it for now, I will keep everyone posted on the house. We are so excited!!


  1. Your sickness didn't ruin the trip! I had so much fun just being there around everyone. I couldn't believe what a difference in Aubri and Leify's personality. It was so so fun to have them together. I think they really like eachother. I'm so excited for your house! Definitely keep us posted with pictures! Make sure you take pictures of the project you made for that special someone so you can show everyone once mothers day is over... yours turned out soooooooooo CUTE! Love ya!

  2. Glad things are moving along with the property and house! That's great. :)

    Sorry little Leify has been sick...but I'm glad he's doing better now!

    Love ya!