Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Lot of Stuff

So the house is still coming...Geeze this has been an adventure. We found out that Francis the lady who was handling our loan didn't exactly do everything correctly ( she conviently doesn't work there anymore) GREAAT! So we are having to wait for our house to get appraised again before the actual building can start. But everything is ready to go. The builders are standing by and are ready to start whenever they get the go sign. It is exciting and frustrating at the same time. It seems latley that women who don't know what they are doing are messing with our life in big ways!
Leif has decided that he is going to quit WSU and get his BSM from the University of Phoenix. He will be able to get done faster and will be able to complete the degree online! No more going to school after work and not getting home to Leify and I until 9pm, so as you can imagine I am all for it. Also if he goes through the University of Phoenix he will be able to get his MBA with just 1 more year of school. So after he completes his BSM he will take 1 year off and then resume to get his MBA. How exciting is that!?!? There are quite a few perks to going to the University of Phoenix, and while it is tad more expensive for tuition there isn't going to be $500 worth of books every semester, and he will be able to work full time, and will be able to complete his BSM without ever stepping foot in a classroom again. However if he does have questions there is a campus located near the Vancouver mall and he can go in for tutoring or questions...whatever. We are both so excited!! He starts on the 27th of May.
Lil Leif is doing awesome, the kid never ceases to amaze me. Today I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Leify took a tumble off our bed, I had just turned around for a second and boom he was screaming on the floor. O my gosh I was so scared and worried about the little guy. He cried for all of about 3 seconds and was good to go after that. He does havea little hump on his head, but you wouldn't know that something so tramatic has happened if you didn't already know. He is acting the same as ever. We hit up a garage sale today and I found some really cool stuff. I have been looking around for one of the metal frame back pack baby carriers and found one for 7.50. What a deal!

I have been in a crafy mood latley and am enjoying learning about my Xyron machines ;) I recently got called to be the Laurel Advisor for my ward and have been surfing internet sites for ideas on cool stuff to do that will help me get to know the girls in more of a personal way. I came across an idea about journaling and ran with it. These are what I came up with...

Every sunday the last 5-10 minutes of class will be spent by the girls writing in these journals; whether it be a questions about class, that sunday's lesson, upcoming activites, boys..whatever they want to write about. Then over the course of the week I will read what each girl wrote and respond to each one of them and then return them the next sunday...and so on. When a girl graduates, moves, or whatever I will give her the journal to keep :)

Last Saturday Leif and I made a trip down town, Leif was having a lot of fun kicking his feet around in the backpack. We cruised by the Saturday market and Powell's, Leif and I decided that downtown is a fun place to visit...occasionally, but we are very happy with where we live ;)

Tuesday I had a little bit of a fit with Leify's car seat and made a snap decision that he needed a new one. So I headed to Target and bought this beauty. All three of us are very happy with it. Leify looks like a little prince on his throne, it looks altogether too comfortable. I think Leif is actually jealous.

Here is a picture of what is happening in my Mom's backyard. Her "Berm". I don't even know if I am spelling that right. But here is what it looks like.


  1. Yay for University of Phoenix! That will be nice for him to be able to do online classes and not have to travel and buys books. I bet you the tuition difference will totally even out with not having to buy gas and books...and not to mention the time saved! :)

    I'm glad Leify wasn't hurt badly or too scared. Man, that is so stinking scary!

    Great find at the garage sale on the backpack! I've been looking and watching for one of those, too...for a year now! And just haven't been able to find a good deal.

  2. Ok, first... that sucks about that ding dong lady with your house. Crap happens in bunches. Second... good for Leify switching schools so it works out better for everyone! That will definitely be nice. Third... HOW CUTE! are those journals. Those girls are going to LOVE YOU! I WANT ONE!!! hee hee! Fourth... scary Leify fell off the bed! I would have freaked out. Now you know he is a tuffy so wrestling will come easy. Fifth... I want a new car seat. I'm hating ours too. Sixth... your moms yard looks AMAZING! Holy Cow!

  3. I'm loving the journals and I have an idea (since I am the pp leader) Each lesson has a list of goals that can go with it. The other teachers are picking a couple and challenging the girls to work on those for the week/month to earn their charms for their necklaces (even starting them in class). Have them write about those and then tell me what they did so I can keep track! Everyboby wins!