Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lucia Falls

Well since I picked up that metal framed baby backpack I decided that it definitley needed to be tested. When Leif got home from work we made a trip to Lucia falls and walked along the river. It is so nice to be outside. Leify was barefoot and loving all the scenery. He loves to be outside, his head whips from side to side trying to take everything in. Here are some pics from our trip.


  1. THat's really pretty....where is Lucia Falls? I've never heard of it! Glad Liefy enjoyed himself!! :)

  2. Leify looked so cute grinning at the camera in his backpack. Definitely gonna need one of those now that we are back in Utah and there's places we know to go. Those falls are so beautiful. You guys are so good to get out and do stuff.