Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mr. Chunk-a-lunk

Leify is packing the pounds on; I am anxious to go to his appointment on Monday and see how much they say he weighs. Yesterday we went with Grandma to the cabinet store and then I stopped at a lady's house in Portland to buy some books. I got a collection of 35+ board books for Leify most of them are in great condition...others you can tell were her kids favs ;) Eric Carl Dr. Seuss...a whole bunch of great books and it only cost me $25! It was pretty funny though as soon as I walked in the house her little 3 year old boy came jumping down the stairs butt naked!
I bought Leify some "bedtime lotion" it has lavender and chamomile scents, wow... that is the way to go. He has been sleeping like a little angel and absolutely loves it when I rub it on his little body before bedtime. Oh and we finally picked up the pictures from the photography studio when the whole famdamily did a portrait during christmas time. They turned out great!


  1. What an adorable picture of you and Leify! He is getting so much hair! Aubriana's is getting longer too cause after she's been sleepin its all over the place. ugh... I'm still really sad about Thor.

  2. So I'm waiting to hear how big he is! How'd his appt go? He sure is cute! And you look GREAT! :) And I'm sorry and sad about Thor....