Thursday, February 7, 2008


Leify is getting so big it is scaring me! It seems like just yesterday his exersaucer was too big for him and sitting in the corner...I tried it today and he treated the situation like a seasoned proffessional. The thing was rocking and rolling, he loved it! He is still doing awesome with his baby food, we tried peaches today; he has yet to dislike anything yet. He is trying to talk more and more, he screams really loud! Sometimes its hard to tell if he's mad or happy...usually it's the latter, but it's confusing and hard on the ears!! I don't know what the weird light on his forehead is all about, just try and ignore it, lol ;)


  1. Exersaucers are the BEST!!! He'll love it for a long time!!! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness! He is amazing! It is so fun to see what new things they do each day. Aubriana is changing fast too. It's exciting but sad at the same time. :)