Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I hate the Shot Nazi's

Oh my, it hasn't been a fun week at all (and it is only Tuesday yikes). I am missing my little Thor so so so much! It is so quiet around here now that he isn't around. He was always doing something; eating, whining, scratching at the door, teasing Lily, chasing the neighbor kids on their bikes, cuggling with me or Leify cake... it's just soo weird to not have him anymore. Ugh, I miss him :(
Leify had his 4 month check up yesterday... that was another hideous experience, they poked him three times, 2x in one leg and 1x in the other. He screamed and screamed...I was ready to punch the lady out. Geeze she was being so stupid, she'd poke him...let him calm down and then poke him again. I was like come on you dumb lady just hurry up and do them don't let him think it's over and then do it again.
He weighed in at 14 lbs 7 oz and was 26" long. So it equals out that he is in the 75th percentile for his length and in the 50th percentile for his weight. I've been thinking he is such a chub chub, but I guess not, he's just about average. The Dr said I could start letting him drink juice so we tried out some last night, and he ended up puking it all back up. I think it was just from having his shots though, we tried it again this morning and he loved it. It is fun getting to explore new foods with him and see the funny little looks on his face when it's something new. So far he really doesn't like green vegetables. AT ALL! He makes a look like, "Come on mom, what are you trying to do to me!?!"
Some people Leif used to work with at Providence bought this stationary jumper for Leify, I put it together for him and so far it has been a hit. Lil Leif is constantly pumping his legs and now something is actually happening when he does it, he looks surprised every time he moves. It's pretty darn cute.
Leif and I are going to our concert tonight, I am pretty excited about that.


  1. I wish we had more space to have cool gagets for Aubriana. That jumper looks awesome. Aubriana weighed 10lbs 8oz which was in the 50th percentile and 23 1/2 inches long which was the 75th percentile. That is too funny. Growing at the same rate! :)

  2. How was the concert? Glad Leify is growing so great. So sorry you're missing Thor. I wish you could've seen Malo's face when I told him the news about Thor...he was so genuinely sad.