Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick little man

Leify has been down in the dumps...he caught the cold that has been making that rounds here. Leif is the only one how hasn't felt the affects of it. I spent a couple days and nights not even being able to put him down. I slept upright on the couch with the boppy. I woke up thinking my foot was broken I was so tired I didn't even notice that my foot was in a very unnatural position. It was interesting to say the least... I had to adjust my sleeping patter :) He's been so bummed out I haven't even been able to get him to smile. Ugh.


  1. Poor Leify! :( I hope he starts feeling up to his normal self soon. Luckily with our freezing cold weather here it hasn't gotten Aubriana sick. Hang in there!
    Love ya!

  2. Oh my, look at his belly!!! :-) Sorry he's been sick...Aspen's had a yucky cold the last week and a half and is hating life, too. I've been sleeping on the floor in her room...not comfy! Hopefully the little guy (with the awesome belly!!!) feels better soon! :(