Friday, January 18, 2008

I get to go to a concert (FINALLY)

I have been missing the whole concert scene from the days before I met Leif...I used to go atleast 1x a month... jump around in the masses, coming out covered in another people's sweat, covered in bruises the next morning, and occasionally fearing for my life when someone pushes too hard and getting tramled looks like it is a definite possibility. I've missed it! Haha! Anyways were going to go and see LifeHouse this next month. YAY!

Leif and I bought a exersaucer tonight, he is having quite a fun time putting it together! We had a fun family day today. He works and goes to school so seeing him as much as I'd like barely ever happens so it was nice to just mill around town and be together.

I had to post this picture of Leify and Grandpa. I am absolutley in love with his little baseball cap!


  1. Have fun at your concert! And Little Leify will LOVE the exersaucer...those are the greatest invention. Aspen jumps around in hers and squeals and laughs....she can entertain herself for a short while in it and I can do something productive (like shower!!!) :-) Miss you guys....

  2. Lifehouse is awesome live! I went to their concert at a club in Utah. It was really fun. I think we are going to buy Aubriana one of those exersaucer's pretty soon. She is crazy trying to stand all the time. I so wish we lived closer... :(