Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adventures of Craigslist...

Craigslist has been good to me latley I think I might be addicted. Last week I posted my car and ended up selling it for 1,000 more than I listed it for and a girl showed up at my house with 11,000 in cash...HOLY COW!

Then yesterday I found a listing for a 80+ peice clothing lot of boys stuff 9-12 months, I went and took a look at it...the lady was meticulous, her little guy's clothing looked like it was brand new. Everything was name brand, pumpkin patch, calvin klein, oshkosh...I got complete matching outifts, hats, shoes, socks, it was nuts, I left with so much stuff I actually felt guilty. Leify is officially decked out. :) I can't even fit all his stuff in the dresser, I think he might even actually have more clothes than me!

I picked him up a bumbo the other day while I was at Target, he loves it :)


  1. Is he already in 9-12 month clothes???? He looks adorable (not that that's anything new!) in these pics! And craigslist is addicting...I agree! :)

  2. wholy cow! He looks so big!!! What a cutey. I need to get myself into craigslist and see what I can find. WOW!