Monday, October 4, 2010

Lower Falls

Leif and I decided to take the kids for a day trip with the kids early September; if only to prove that we don't live on the edge of the earth. ;)
This marked the second time I have traveled further than the Ape Caves heading east from our house. Leif has been to Lower Falls several times camping and wanted me to see it, and approve for future camping trips. It is gorgeous there! We had a fun filled day of hiking, and picnicking. I love days like this with my little family. I am one blessed lady.

This trio makes me smile everyday.
He's getting so big, and indepedent, it is so sad, but exciting to watch.

Here are the falls; aren't they gorgeous?
It still boggles my mind how much this sweet little girl looks like her Daddy. She is perfect.
Leify loved this rock tower, somebody before us made up a half dozen of these along the river bank.

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