Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meet Sophie

It was a whole different deal this time around going in for a scheduled c-section. I was a ball of nerves on Wednesday, my attempt at taking Tylenol pm to get some sleep didn't even succeed. I walked into an operating room and was wheeled at with a baby, strange...

Sophie has been having a bit of a rough time adjusting into the world. She weighed in at 8lbs 8oz when she was born, but on the 26th she weighed in at 7lbs 8oz. She was jaundice and between the combination of that and her weight loss she was extremely sleepy. I had to wake her up for feedings. She is not too interested in nursing so my milk has failed to come in...we have rented a pump and I am using that and then bottle feeding. It has been an interesting 2 weeks!!! She is coming around though, she weighed in this morning at 8lbs 3 oz and is waking up on her own for feedings. She is a very sweet little girl, she doesn't cry unless she is hungry, and when awake just looks around with her pretty big eyes. She has already let out a couple of squeaks and is really good at picking her head up when laying on our chests, or when on the floor.

Leify couldn't be a better big brother. He has adjusted beautifully. He absolutely adores Sophie, or Sister Baby, as he calls her. He makes sure Jack stays away from her, and is concerned when she cries, "Uh no, sister baby screamin'". He is such a fun little boy, we absolutely love him to death. His vocabulary has exploded even more in the past few weeks. He tells Leif and I he'll be "Right Back", or "Mmm, taste good." There are more funny little things he's been saying too, but my sleep deprived brain can't seem to think of them.


  1. She is adorable Lur! I can't believe all the hair she has!!! I just adore the one with Leify holding her! He looks like such a good big brother. Love you guys!

  2. SO sweet!!! She's so adorable...I can't wait til I can meet her in real life!!!! Less than a month!!!!

  3. AAH Youre babies are soo cute!!!!! Congrats on your little girl. She is gorgeous!! And little Leif what a cutie!