Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009

On Friday Woodland shut down the main street in town from 3-5 for trick-or-treaters. We took Leify around among the masses and he had his first trick-or-treating experience. He was pretty excited getting all that candy in his "pumpkin patch" bag. He was a dragon this year. We didn't get too many pictures. I didn't even bring the camera on Friday because I thought I was going to be going alone, but Leif was able to make it unexpectedly.

On Saturday we went to our wards Trunk-N-Treat. They had a Chili/Cornbread bake-off. For some reason just the thought of Chili makes me dry heave this it was an interesting night. The night was saved with Carmel apples....that counts as dinner, right? Leify had fun, he was a little scared. There were some crazy 12 year olds running around screaming and he thought the pumpkins were "Oh, no, scary!". He's such a funny little guy.


  1. I just showed Aubri the pic of Leify and she started growling and saying, "weify monster!"

    He looks awesome in his costume! I'm glad you got your caramel apple! I wish the kids could have seen eachother this Halloween now that they know kinda of whats going on. Aubri was all about saying "trick or treat" by the end of the night.

  2. Oh he's so cute! Have I mentioned that enough in his life yet? Can't help it - he's adorable. That costume is awesome! Isn't it fun that they're getting the idea of trick-or-treating now? So fun!