Sunday, October 18, 2009

Leify turns 2.

We went to Bi-Zi Farms again for Leify's birthday this year. Malo and Yvonne came for the day with Aspen and Mia. Dana and Jim, and their whole fam, including the newest member, Taygan, were able to come too. We're so lucky to have family that is close to celebrate fun days!! The kids had fun playing on the hay bales and in the corn bin. We were luck enough to catch a break in the rain and enjoyed about 3 hours of playing.

Leify had to test drive every tractor at the farm. His legs still aren't long enough to peddle around on his own, so Leif had to help him around. He refused to take a nap that day so he was a little grumpy...especially when we tried to peel him away from the tractors. He didn't like the pony ride either at first. But warmed up to the idea about 2 minutes in, and then screamed when it was time to get off.

He really like the petting zoo area but was a little too nervous to keep the food in his hand long enough to feed the pygmy goats. As soon as they were about to lick his hand he would squeal and drop the oats. He enjoyed looking at the baby calves too, he kept mooing at them.
We rode the tractor out to the pumpkin patch and picked out some good ones. It was sooo muddy!! Leify took Courtney down with him one of the many times that he fell.

After the pumpkin patch we headed back to Papa and GramGram Jones' for cake and ice cream. Dana's birthday is the day after Leify's so she had a cake too! Leify has been obsessed with Bob the Builder lately so I made him a construction cake. I couldn't find any black twizzlers so I had to improvise and have red power lines. He was a little too distracted with all his presents though and didn't care about it at all.
Papa and GramGram got him an Appelator (Helicopter) that he LOVES....he had to hold onto it on the way home, even kept a hold of it in his sleep.


  1. Leify looks like a 2 year old now! He is so adorable. I'm so glad the weather cooperated for you guys. Such a fun b-day for Leify. My favorite picture is with his bum in the air in the hay stack!

    Ok, so the cake! Oh my gosh! AWESOME!!! What a cute idea! Good job! Happy happy birthday Leify!

  2. That was a lot of fun. I'm glad he got on the pony and liked it! :) And I just keep looking at that impressed. So so SO impressed! :)

    HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY LEIFY!!!!!!!!!!!! We all love you so much!