Sunday, October 4, 2009

Going Private

I am going to be making my blog private. Two weeks from now... since I know some people don't check back regularly. Leave me your email address in the comments section if you would like to be included and be able to continue to read :)

Also...completley unrelated, BUT....we aren't going to be the 3 L's much longer. Any clever ideas for a new name???


  1. I would love to keep updated with your blog! email address is

  2. Oh NO!!! Going private is SUCH A PAIN!! We went there and left a couple months later. :)I surely want to check in on your cute family.

  3. Leif, Your family is seriously so adorable. And your wife is so talented with her quilt making. I would love to be kept up with your blog. If that's cool. Best of luck to the new addition coming soon!
    take care.
    Natlaie Maynes

  4. Despite my random and irregular visits, I still like visiting to see what you guys are up to. So please include me:

    I can't believe how close your due date is! Time flies when you get old:)

  5. Lurlyn, please let me get your posts. I love seeing you and how your family is growing. I always hope once in a while I will see a picture of your Mom and Dad. I miss them so much.
    Love, Rebecca