Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Capt. Jack & Attack of The Mutant Moth...I think.

These two things have nothing to do with one another. Other than the fact that they are in the same blog post.

Jack is a "pretend" dog, who barks at pretend things. He even on occasion gets his feelings hurt and goes to pout upstairs in Leif and I's room. BUT, that is why I love him; he is absolutely and completely worthless other than for visual amusement. He and Leify are the best of buds. Lately Leify has been trying to ride Jack. That never ends well.

What is this monstrosity? That is Leif's index finger up next to it. Has anyone seen a Moth (If that is even what it is) this large? It was camped outside my front door ALL day. I was tempted to attack it with my broom...but what if it was half vampire, like a fairy vampire or something?! It is sooo big!! Can you see it's nasty furry little legs? Blegh.


  1. Your dog melts my heart! I miss my pug dog, Pugsly! He's adorable. And that "moth" is huge!

  2. OH gross Lur! I can't believe I had to look at the furry GINORMOUS moth! Ug! Very very cute picture of Jacky!

  3. that's sick. totally sick. ew.

    But I am excited to see captain jack again and i hope that Leify tries to ride him in two days when we're there cuz I could use a good laugh! :)

  4. That moth is a winner!...comparing it to vampires? LOL...did you just read the twilight series or something?