Thursday, August 28, 2008


After meeting up with Tim and Nicole at the Airport and picket up our totally hot ride ( a mini-van) we headed towards Whitefish Montant. However, we saw something along the way that was too good to pass up!! Silverwood is right along the freeway; the rollercoasters looked like they could give us the excitement and neck pain we needed for a long sit in the car. We also ended up running into my two sisters and their families that were they too by chance! So we had a mini-10 minute family reunion in Silverwood! Ha!


  1. That is too funny. I never accidently run into family. I would have to drive like 8 hours to be any where near them!

  2. That was such a blast! The best way to kick off a relaxing trip I would say! ;)

  3. That is so funny you happened to run into your sis! Weird! And looks like fun on the rollercoasters. YAy!