Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Today is our last day here in Colorado Springs. We've been having a blast. Aspen and Leify have been playing great together. Mia is gorgeous and a sweet little baby. She loves to be cuggled and sang to, and most of all to EAT. The Hasselblad gene must be overpowering...she looks exactly like Malo, just like Leify does Leif.

Aspen has a play tent that has a door bell and plays music. Leify has started to wave his arms around now when the music comes on. It is pretty funny, I have no idea what made him start doing this, but it seriously cracks me up.

I think spending all this time with girls; first Aubriana last week, and now Aspen and Mia, has made Leify find his voice. Usually he is quiet and easy going...now he can yell and scream with the best of them. It is interesting to see the strong separation of the sexes in kids as young as these.

We are taking the kiddos to Kiddie Kandids today to have a cousin picture. I have a picture package with Yeun Lui at home, but quite honestly I am fed up with them. The last two times we have gone Leify and I were herded in and out like cattle. The person taking pictures could have done a much better job, but didn't. So to Kiddie Kandids we go.

Leify has also been taking cues from Aspen in the walking department, since we have been here he has started standing up on his on. He will stand in place for up to a minute at a time!! Thankfully he hasn't figured out how to start walking, or life as I now it would come to an abrupt end. He has been playing with a "learn to walk" toy of Aspen's while we have been here....scary.

I finished the fourth and last book of the twilight saga, and I must say I was very happy that the author finally made the nonsense between Jacob and Edward end. I wish this wasn't the end though...I think Leif would disagree, lol. I managed to finish the 700+ page book in less than 24 hours.


  1. First, those pics are cute. I am currently in Idaho visiting family, and it is such fun to see the kids playing with their cousins.

    About that book. EVERYONE is reading them and blogging about the fourth one. My sister-in-law (who is visiting too and doesn't read much) had a friend thrust the first one on her when she heard she hadn't read them yet, and she has not put the book down since she got here. She is almost done in like two day--while watching her four girls alone! Apparently I must read these books. I hope you are having fun. See you next week.

  2. CUTE pictures! My favorite is of Leify and Aspen in the tub both chewing on a rubber ducky! Too CUTE! You'll really like Kiddie Kandids. I had a great experience with them, plus you get the pictures very fast! Safe travels back to Washington.

    I need to talk to you about Montana too. It's a 15 hour drive so we have to fly, so I was wondering if you and Leif were flying or driving... have you decided? Let me know. :)

  3. WE were a so glad to have you guys. You are an awesome and its so fun to see Leif and Malo together and its even MORE fun how well Aspen and Leify played together. Maybe next time Mia can join in the fun. I wish we saw you guys more...love ya! :)