Sunday, November 11, 2007

Craft Warehouse Extravaganza!!

Last night my mom and I hit up the craft warehouse because they were having the annual Christmas open house...anyways they were doing prize drawings every 15 mintues; there were about 200 numbers taped to there floor and if you were standing on the number that they called you got to go to "prize central" and pick out a prize. We were there about 1o minutes and I won!! I got a bag full of scrap booking/card making paper, ribbons, etc...Probably about $75 worth off stuff! Hooray!
Nicole I am sending you a bunch of it, its cute girly stuff ;)


  1. That is so awesome! Were you standing on a number 5?! LOL! Your mom said you guys had so much fun. Winning something makes it even better! I'm excited to see what you got! Love the picture of Grandma Jones and baby Leify! So cute! Love ya!

  2. That's awesome!!! Lucky to win something useful. :-)