Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's about dang time

Update....Here's a breif update on what we've been up to.

-September-I turned 26, the Hubs arranged a nice little getaway for us to Seattle. My Brother and Sister split the kids up between them and we had sooo much fun!
October, Leif turned 4. I can hardly believe it!
November-We had a combined birthday party for Aubri, Sophi, and Soren up at Tim and Nicole's place. The kids were ridiculously spoiled. We have such an awesome family! We had a quiet thanksgiving with Grandma Vi.
December-Christmas. Need I say more? The kids had so much fun this year. We moved from Ariel to Camas. I am loving being in town.
January- We are still getting used to living in town, having everything so easily accessible. It is AMAZING.
Febuary-Just chillin-Can't wait to go to Cancun next month with Hubster!


  1. WHAT!!? Finally an update and no pictures?! We got robbed in the blogging sphere! So excited for you and Leif to go have some "together/alone" time! Their better be pictures to follow. ;) Love ya!

  2. I'm with Nicole! Posts without pictures are illegal!
    And BTW, it's been 2 weeks, time for another update!