Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vacation Take 2

We were scheduled to leave on May 2nd for Cancun. We had the resort booked for over a year...It was supposed to be Leif's graduation trip. Have I told you he's a college grad?!?!?
Anyways, we cancelled our trip because of the swine flu. It was targeting healthy young adults, I am pregnant, we were bringing my niece Courtney and Leify. Plus the attractions we were most looking forward to visiting were closed.
Soooooo, I called our time share association and switched our Condo to Hawaii. Only be informed that my airline had changed it's policies (due to swine flu) and were going to charge me $3,000 above and beyond my airline credit for Cancun to fly to Hawaii!! What the heck?!?!?!
We lost our Condo, Grrrrr. It didn't matter that only 30 min had elapsed from the time of booking it. The lady was a real butt head. I asked to talk to a manager, but she said she was on a supervisory level. Riiiigggghhhht.
In the end I was able to change our airlines tickets to Orlando...with no fees!! Yes!! Tomorrow we fly out for Orlando to spend some time in the sun and celebrate my awesome hard working hubbys graduation. I was able to get us an awesome condo...see above ;) Yay for sun shine and warm sun!!


  1. YEA! Hope you have lots of fun! Congrats Leif on your graduation!

  2. Have fun in Florida. Enjoy the sun and bring some back with you!

  3. so that means ur going to florida,hmm it was such a drag last month,i hated it its soooo much.hope u guys have fun there.love u lots


  4. hope you guys are having fun! congrats to Leif for graduating. Your condo looks amazing!