Sunday, March 15, 2009


I did these horoscope compatibilities on Baby Center...I thought they were pretty cool...and very close to the truth!

First Leif and I:

Capricorn and Virgo

It would be a real challenge to find a parenting team as sensible, practical, and serious as you two. You readily agree on the goals you share for your family and are a united front in making and enforcing rules. You and your children can thrive in such a structure as long as you're not too rigid, which can produce more rebellion in your children than you'd otherwise see.

The Virgo parent will handle most of the details of housekeeping, making appointments, and overseeing homework and school projects. You're at your best when attending to these areas of life, striving for perfection.

The Capricorn mom or dad focuses on working and providing financial support. You will teach your children about responsibility and commitment. Don't forget to express your love and support frequently, so they are equally acquainted with your softer side.

Then Leify and I:

Virgo and Libra

You tend to be a bit critical, so it's a good thing your Libra child goes out of her way to please you. Go easy on this sweet child; if you're too openly disapproving or nitpicky, it could damage tenderhearted little Libra's self-esteem. Of course, you appreciate everything your little one does to keep your relationship flowing smoothly. You're something of a perfectionist, and your little Libra is actually pretty close to perfect in your eyes: well-mannered, graceful, thoughtful, and sociable.

In fact, you can learn a thing or two from her about being more outgoing and cooperative with others! Since you tend to hang back in unfamiliar situations, you might be surprised by your gregarious child's ease in making new friends and admirers. You'd rather stay home than attend one party or playdate after another, but don't be surprised if popular little Libra receives multiple invitations.


  1. That is pretty interesting! I did ours....not nearly as interesting. And I think (hope) its wrong! According to MINE - it says I am an emotionally detached parent and basically don't show much love and affection. I hope that's not true. :(

  2. Ahhhh yea....You are definitley NOT emotionally detached!!