Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Leify is 1

My little guy isn't so little anymore. I can't believe an entire you has already come and gone. Here are some pictures from Leify's big day. We first went to Bi-zi farms here in Vancouver, then we came home opened presents and had cake. All in all it was a mellow day. We love Leify so much, it is so fun watching him learn and grow. He talks to everything, and is sooo indpendent right now. Nicole, who is one of the raddest girls I know, and also happens to by my sister in law came out just in time for Leify's Bday. Aubriana and Leify played so good together and we had a great time with Nicole.


  1. I still can't believe he is 1 now. Time really does fly when you have kids. I love your pictures. I've been reading in my spare time because The Hunger Games is really good! I'll get my pics going today. I've got a really cute one of you Leif and Leify on the ride to the pumpkins :)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Leify! Did you make the cake? It's adorable! I'm hoping you say no, otherwise I'll feel like crap for the disaster I put in front of Matt on our anniversary. Yay me!

  3. Now that I can finally post a comment on here - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEIFY!!!!! It is so hard to believe a year has gone by...I mean, I know it has - I just can't believe it has!

    And your cake turned out AWESOME! I am so sorry we weren't there for his big day. We will not have a big move again right before his birthday...then we can play!

    We love you guys so much. :)

  4. Hey ! I dont mind at all. I cant believe little Leif is 1!! HE is SOOOO Cute! I remember this time last year when we both were ready to pop! :)